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Leadership at the Peak

Leadership at the Peak

A leadership programme for Head Teachers and aspiring Head Teachers

The Aim

The aim of this programme is to enable learners to excel in new ways and make a greater and more lasting positive impact in their working life.

Learning from this programme can be implemented in the leading of schools enabling learners to better manage business operations, think strategically, manage change, develop talent and have a greater individual impact.

The Programme

Managing operations: Understand the importance of smooth running operations / Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of current operations / Know how to streamline and improve operations

Thinking strategically: Understand the importance of clear vision / Recognise the direction the organisation wants to travel / Know clearly ongoing vision, direction and goals

Managing change: Understand successful change management / Recognise different tools and techniques used in change management / Know how to manage change in the day to day and long term

Working with people: Understand that everyone is different / Recognise that difference can be celebrated / Know how to run an effective organisation that embraces cultures, backgrounds and interests of different people

Talent management: Understand the importance of managing talent in your organisation / Recognise the future leaders of your organisation / Know how to mentor, support, challenge and develop future leaders

Impacting the workplace: Understand the impact of our leadership style on others / Recognise the qualities needed to lead and inspire / Know how to engage and motivate people through good leadership style

The Outcomes

Learners completing this programme will:

  • Develop clear operational action plans
  • Manage and resolve organisational challenges
  • Know how to prioritise within your organisation
  • Clearly recall organisational vision
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Improve influencing skills
  • Identify and prioritise their goals
  • Think more strategically
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Lead teams more effectively
  • Lead and inspire others

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